We're Back!


Savoy Sorbet took a bit of a sabbatical to rethink our brand and come up with some really amazing new recipes and now we're back and tastier than ever:)

For those of you that aren't acquainted, we've been handcrafting our amazingly unique sorbets since 2008, featuring some of the most incredible flavor combinations you'll ever stumble upon...no really, check them out:


We're sure no matter what flavor you try, you won't get enough.  Yes, they're that good!

You can find us in select locations in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  However, we are expanding! So, if you're a retailer or investor interested in learning more about being a Savoy partner and would like to sample our incredible product...drop us a line!

For our loyal fans...we would like to thank you for hangin in there...we will be opening our online shop soon.


Savoy Sorbet